All That Swing Festival is a friendly and relaxed weekend swing dance festival, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is organized by SwingKids Dance Society, a group of dance teachers, DJs and organizers, but most of all enthusiasts. The aim of our festival is to spread the swing dance culture, to connect the Slovenian swing scene with other countries, broaden horizons and most importantly, to offer an unforgettable weekend of dancing and good company each year.


Past festivals

ATSF 2018

We wanted to create something special for the sixth installment of our festival. We thoroughly revamped the way dancers choose their workshops classes. Instead of the usual tracks, based on skill levels and dance styles, we opened up the schedule and let all dancers with some swing dance experience chosse each individual class. Everyone could create a schedule that best suited their skills and preferences. We still created an interesting track for our absolute beginners, of course.

The teacher lineup for ATSF 2018 was fantastic. We were very pleased to host Michał Oblaciński and Kasia Dybowska from Poland and Jessica Kaiser and Markus Kakuska from Austria, along with the Slovenian boogie woogie queen Nina Kononenko and joined by our own SwingKids teachers. The SwingTones played at the main party on Saturday night.

The festival has grown up during these years, but has also managed to keep the cozy and friendly atmosphere that we hold so dear. In short: we had a blast, as always.

ATSF 2017

The fifth ATSF was another chapter in a successful story. The always excellent teachers Sandra Hartbach and Axel Schwarz joined us once again. We also invited experienced swing performers and teachers Natasha Hall and Paul Crook form the UK. They were with us for the first time and our dancers were very impressed by their knowledge of collegaite shag, balboa and lindy hop. As usual, the teacher line-up had some of our own, namely Krištof, Tom, Bojana, and – for the first time teaching at the festival – Anja.

Two dance evenings with live music completed the festival experience. On Friday, the always wonderful Little Street Charmers played for us at Gostilna Čad. We danced Saturday night away in the beautiful Dijaški Dom Tabor dance hall, where Mopedi played for us. The band had a new lineup and surprised the dancers when they invited a famous Slovenian musician Gal Gjurin to share the stage. During breaks, DJ-s Dotto and Rok Pok kept us dancing. On Sunday night we said goodbye with our traditional laid-back dance evening at »our« Kavarna SEM. It couldn’t get any better that this.

ATSF 2016

The fourth All That Swing Festival kept the spark of past festivals while adding a few improvements based on experience. We were glad to have Sandra Hartbach and Axel Schwarz teaching again, along with another guest from Austria, the energetic Andreas Resch who taught boogie woogie with the help of our Tjaša. Krištof, Tom, Bojana in Igor also held workshops.

This time we had not one, but two evenings with live music. On Friday night at Gostilna Čad we enjoyed the excellend band Mopedi. On Saturday night we jumped to the rhythms of the Little Street Charmers at Kavarna Slamič. The evenings were made more interesting by a tap dance taster, a laminu taster and teacher performances. We ended the festival with an easygoing party at Kavarna S.E.M. We had a blast and ideas about the next festival started popping up right away.

ATSF 2015

Just like any baby, our festival has been growing well and in its third year it demonstrated that it’s capable of many wonderful things. In the 2015 workshops, participants could choose not only one of the three customary difficulties, but also the Lindy Track, which offered an abundance of triple steps and lindy charleston, or the No Lindy, Please Track, where they perfected their faster tempo dancing with balboa, six count swing and 20’s charleston. The programme was spiced up with group choreographies and collegiate shag.

The festival featured dance teachers from Slovenia and abroad: the energetic Sandra Krulis and the pioneer of Vienna’s swing scene Benjamino Cantonati, the driving forces of Croatia’s swing scene Tatjana and Goran Mikleuševič and our very own SwingKids teachers: Tjaša Pečaver and Krištof Zupančič, Lea Rojec and Igor Dobnikar, Sara Lotrič and Tom Čebular.

The Saturday night party with Johnny and his Rockin’ Tunes was bursting at the seams, not only because of the good turnout but also because of all the positive energy in the room. We also had great fun at the Friday and Sunday party at Paviljon.

ATSF 2014

Enboldened by the success of ATSF 2013, The SwingKids wanted to offer dancers the same genuine and relaxed atmosphere that makes this festival special. At the same time, we went for bigger and better, so we introduced additional levels to our workshops. We aimed to bring the festival experience to beginners as well, so we added a level just for them. The response was wonderful. We’re glad you had a great time at your first festival!

ATSF 2014 had some of the best and most fabulous swing dance instructors you could possibly imagine. Dan Guest and Gemma Barson, now Guest (congrats!) from the UK taught us their impeccable technique and style. Sandra Hartbach and Axel Schwarz from Austria brought their experience in all manners of social dancing while making us laugh. Joining them were our wonderful local teachers Krištof, Tjaša, Tom, Sara, Igor and Lea.

And the parties, oh, the parties! We kicked off Friday night at the retro Pianino Caffee. The SwingTones played swing music for us on Saturday night, complete with their premiere of the now popular song Vse skupaj ni nič, če nimam tebe. On Sunday, Dan gave a video lecture on swing history, followed by a party so jumpin’ you’d never guess how tired our feet were.

ATSF 2013

Participants were enthusiastically getting dancing blisters on their happy feet while learning new swing steps and tricks at 3-day workshops with two levels of difficulty. The hosting SwingKids teachers were Krištof and Tjaša, Tom and Sara, Goba and Polona. Foreign reinforcements were represented by Sandra Hartbach and Axel Schwarz from Austria and Doriana Galliano from France with Danilo Bruschetti from Italy.

We danced every evening, once in Kodeljevo Château, once in Gostilna Čad and once in Kavarna S.E.M. We were dancing to the music of our tireless DJs and R’N’R/Rockabilly band Johnny and his Rockin’ Tunes. It was rockin’!