Tom Čebular and Bojana Košmrlj

Tom first encountered swing dancing in 2008. He immediately signed up for dance classes and has been treading his path in swing rhythms ever since. He dances and teaches traditional swing dances: Six Count, Lindy Hop, Balboa and 20s Charleston. He attends workshops and dance events in Slovenia and abroad. In the last few years he has also been active on the West Coast Swing scene and enjoys combining West Coast with traditional swing dances.

Bojana is one of those dancers whose knowledge of other dance forms and talent have enabled her to master swing dancing very quickly. Along the way, she of course fell in love with it. She soon added Boogie Woogie to her dance repertoire and joined Tom in teaching dance classes. Bojana also found a passion for Collegiate Shag. She teaches Shag worksops with Krištof.

Expect a friendly and systematic approach along with clear explanations of dance steps and techniques.