Tjaša Pečaver and Krištof Zupančič

Tjaša has been dancing since she was a young girl, but swing dancing is something thar really caught her attention. She was one of the first swing dancers in Slovenija. She started swing dancing in 2003. Since then she has attended numerous dance classes and workshops and did a lot of performing in Slovenija and neighbouring Croatia. She is in general a very warm, fun and nice person and this is what makes her classes so enjoyable.

Krištof has been dancing swing since 2005, starting soon after the beginning of its rebirth in Ljubljana. After years of dance classes, workshops and festivals at home and abroad he started teaching. He has nine years of experience teaching different swing dances: East Coast swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston and Collegiate Shag (which he will be teaching with Bojana at ATSF). He did a lot of performing with his band of dancers in the past years. Krištof is also one of the founding members of the SwingKids Dance Society, a swing DJ, event organizer and part of the ATSF organizational team. At a glance, he is a quiet, calm person, but wait till you see him on the dance floor – simply bursting with energy.

Krištof and Tjaša have many years of experience teaching together. Their way of presenting new knowledge to their students is relaxed yet effective.