Sandra Hartbach & Axel Schwarz

Sandra and Axel have a strong dancing background as dancers and trainers, including ballroom and latin dances – and Viennese waltz – no surprise, as they are coming straight from Vienna! After more than a decade of dancing, teaching and choreographing, they were bitten by the Swing bug in 2006, when Lindy Hop, Balboa, Tap, Charleston or Peabody made their dance life colorful and happy. Their big love is the Fast and the Slow – Balboa and Laminu, and this is why they dedicate their “Balboa, Baby!” organization to sharing their passion as teachers and organizers. Their vast dancing knowledge flows into their teaching, helping to understand the fundamental interconnectedness of all dancing.

Sandra and Axel have been with us since the beginnings of ATSF and they never fail to amaze their students. They are relaxed and fun teachers with a diverse dance background that you don’t want to miss.