Nina Kononenko

Nina Kononenko can best be described simply as a Dancer. She approaches all dance with love but nonetheless very seriously. With her relentless energy, and her body-and-soul dedication to dance, she captures everyone’s attention through her distinct, energetic yet relaxed style, transforming all of her surroundings into a stage and winning over her audience in a heartbeat. As a teacher or a leader she is friendly but determined, ambitious and daring, while also presenting excellent dance performances.

Being one of the first swing dancers in Slovenia, her desire to further evolve as one also had her exploring beyond its borders, where she was taught by the most prominent teachers on the scene. As the driving force of boogie woogie in Slovenia, Nina and the dance group No Sweat developed a small but rapidly growing scene. Nina is also a great choreographer and costume designer.

Nina is the alpha and omega of the Slovenian boogie scene, and a very charismatic, strong-willed and immensely kind person.