Krištof Zupančič and Anja Skerbiš

Krištof has been dancing swing since 2005, starting soon after the beginning of its rebirth in Ljubljana. After years of dance classes, workshops and festivals at home and abroad he started teaching. He has nine years of experience teaching different swing dances: East Coast six count swing, lindy hop, balboa, shag, charleston … Krištof is also one of the founding members of the SwingKids Dance Society, a swing DJ, event organizer and part of the ATSF organizational team.

Anja is a seasoned dancer who started swing dancing in 2010 in one of Krištof’s classes. She performed in a dance troupe and gathered experience in numerous dance events. She has danced through many a night. Anja is a teacher by profession which also helps her when conveying dance knowledge.

Krištof and Anja will always find the right way to supply you with their dance experience and knowledge.