Igor Dobnikar

Igor Dobnikar has been involved in rock and roll dancing since his youth. His biggest success from that time was winning the Slovene national championship in rock and roll twice in a row. Later on in 2004 he was introduced to swing dancing and he started practicing it intensively. He founded the SwingKids Slovenija movement together with Krištof and some other friends in 2008. Today, his main task is to present swing dancing to new dancers. He focuses on teaching them how to control one’s body in movement. He is great at teaching the secrets of improvisation. His broad knowledge of the dance and focusing on basics is what makes it worth visiting his classes. He has become an icon of swing dancing and culture in Slovenija, his biggest passion being swing and rock’n’roll music.

During All That Swing Festival you will meet him instructing group coreographies, focusing on body presentation and movement.